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Last update: 10.02.2017
Wildenberg & Alliance experts, your market entry specialists

In 2014 Wildenberg became a partner of Alliance experts, a global network of business development specialists.

As a partner of Alliance experts, we help you to generate more profit from foreign markets. We know what is important for medium sized and smaller enterprises that want to grow internationally. From choosing your country up to the moment that you have found your local partners and start seeing revenue.

Five-step process to enter the market
Our experienced business development specialists are the ones to guide you through these steps and do most of the work for you, always in close collaboration with your staff. We want to make sure your market entry is successful, which means for us that revenue is coming in and you can expect a profit. For this we use a five-step approach. Market entry steps

As the Turkey office of Alliance experts, Wildenberg supports:
- Turkish companies in opening new markets abroad
- Foreign companies in setting up business in/with Turkey

Actually, as being part of this global network, we can practically help any company wordwide to enter any country in the world.

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